Group of
 Polymers and

   The total area of laboratories is approximately 150 m2, that include:
a) 2 laboratories for polymerizations and reactions;
b) 3 laboratories of polymer characterization, and
c) a laboratory for the production and testing of immunodiagnosis reagents

   Polymerization Reaction Systems
• Totally equipped reactors, with computerized dosification, monitoring and control systems
• Tumbled polymerization reactor
• Ultrasonic equipment (Sonics VC 750)
• Dispersing rotor-stator Homogenizer (Kinematica AG PT 2500 E)

   Characterization of Molecular Weights
• 2 Gel Permeation chromatographs (Waters), fitted with the following detectors: differential refractometer (Waters), UV spectrophotometer (Waters), specific viscosity (Viscotek 200), and multi-angle light scattering (DSP, Wyatt)
• Capillary viscometer (Schott Geräte)
• Membrane and vapor pressure osmometers (Knauer)

   Characterization of Colloids
• Multiangle laser light scattering equipment (Brookhaven BI 200 y SM BI 9000).
• Capillary hydrodynamic chromatograph – CHDF 2000 (Matec)
• Turbiscan (TMA2000)

   Characterization of Thermal and Mechanical Properties
• Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Thermogravimetric Balance (Mettler TA 3000).
• Tensile test equipment (INSTRON)
• Thermal press

   General Instrumentation and Equipment
• Gas chromatograph fit with FID and MS detectors (Perkin Elmer)
• Spectrometer UV/Vis (Perkin Elmer)
• Automatic Potentiometric Titrator with pHmeter (KEM AT-510)
• Brookfield Viscometer (Brookfield)
• High-speed Centrifuge (Heal Force, R18)
• Ultrasonic Baths (Cleanson)
• Drying ovens with vacuum and natural and forced convection

   Other facilities
• Electronic Microscopy of polymeric particles and materials (TEM, SEM, AFM)
• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
• Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTiR)